Ooooh the harmony of a routine!

Bam, just like that the summer holidays have ended and it is back into full swing of routine, dashing from one place to the next and making sure that no-one or no items get left behind. I loved the summer holiday, for me it went past in the blink of and eye but I found joy in having quality time with the children, not having to dash anywhere and ask the children for the millionth time if they can put their shoes on! Simple things really do make a difference, changing the pace and easing the pressure allowing space to breath, relax and have fun. But then on the flip side, towards the end of the holidays I craved routine – I think as a family we all did and so now into our second week back at school the rhythm and pace is beginning to take shape.

I found that I learnt a lot over the summer break about myself, in particular I found it hard to make time for myself as I always had the children and continued to work until our camping trip. Whilst I loved the time with the children, by the end I yearned to just have 5 minutes to myself, to go to the toilet without company or being asked endless questions – to just be me. Part of me feels guilty for this, but why should I – we all need and all deserve time for ourselves. I also struggled with keeping up my fitness regime and had a few too many treats – but some days felt like survival and who can resist cake?! What I found fascinating about the holidays is that I did not punish myself, I did not make myself feel guilty for having the odd treat, for not making more of an effort with exercise because actually I think I was slightly rebelling as well but it showed me how much I have learnt about myself, that I love myself and it’s ok to just let go sometimes and give yourself a break. It may sound daft in some ways and you might be thinking why give up and the truth is I didn’t, I just adjusted my choices and the end result is whilst I may wobble a bit more, I’m still me and I will keep chipping away to improve my fitness, wellbeing and weight management.

I am really excited about the next few weeks, settling into our routine, I have decided to stop the Saturday clubs as my children are exhausted come the weekend and instead, we can have fun and not rush from one place to the next. My daughter and I are going to start running together, she is starting a running club at school and I thought it would be a great way for us to unwind and connect with each other. We can cheer each other on and as my son get’s older he can join in too – once we have the courage, we may even embrace a parkrun too.

As a parent I want and strive to be the best version of myself, for my children to look at me as a role model, to support their choices, nurture their creativity and true zest for life and to ultimately have lots of fun.

What do you hope for this Autumn? How do you find time for you in the holidays? I love learning new tips, advice and wisdom – we can learn so much from each other. How have the summer holidays have been for you? I hope you have laughed and embraced the adventures. I hope you are all planning some self-care time and if you are in need of a pamper, then drop me a message for a truly bespoke treatment.

B x

Self-care is a necessity not a luxury

Many of you know how much of an advocate I am for self-care and taking time for our own well-being. This year it has been my own personal challenge to focus on the discipline of self-care, to try and take back some control, put myself first and make time for me. Now we’ve hit June I wanted to reflect on how I am doing with self-care and is it really worth it. Well the simple answer is YES!

I am one of these people who say yes to everyone, put others first and myself last. Some might say this is selfless, thoughtful, kind, loving, compassionate – I am all of those things but not at the detriment to my own health. I often think self-care can be confused with paying for time out but it doesn’t have to be, self-care can take many forms, a cup of tea in the sunshine, a hot bubble bath at the end of the day, delve into a juicy book and escape from the world, go for a walk, run or bike ride – explore the nature and freedom around you or one of my personal favourites put on some fabulous music and dance like no one is watching. It can be so simple, so why as a society are we making it so complicated to give ourselves permission to have self-care time.

Guilt! I am conscious of this myself at times and so many of my clients say to me that they feel unable to take time for themselves as they feel guilty about leaving the family and taking time out when there are so many other things to do chores, shopping, catching up with work deadlines…the list goes on. I feel so saddened that too many of us feel this way, why are we putting so much pressure on ourselves? Why is our inner critic saying we should feel guilty? There is no need to feel guilty and it needs to stop.

Self-care is essential to our own physical and mental wellbeing, we give our children time to play express themselves and be creative so they can release their emotions, process the world around them and we need to do the same. Our health is our real wealth and if we ignite our passions, give ourselves space to breathe and unwind from all that we juggle then you will begin to feel really alive, you will have more of a spring in your step, boost your self-confidence and self-worth. Just look at the difference in me from the beginning of the year to now, it is not an indulgence but a discipline and it really is worth it!

Building in self-care can be overwhelming at first, so start small take a little time everyday a brisk 10 minute walk, a coffee at your favourite café, eating your lunch outside and away from your work environment, listening to an album, starting that book – it doesn’t have to be complicated but just try some little steps and see how you can fit it into your day. Go on I hereby challenge you to make time for you every day, keep me posted on how you get on and what your favourite ‘self-care’ time involves. Be kind, be patient, be harmony, be you.

B x

I am NOT Superwoman!

So, hello and apologies it has been so long since my last blog but life has just been a little hectic to say the least! This last weekend, I have had an escape child free and I feel human again and certainly am a lot less stressed.

Over recent months, a number of times I have been referred to as Superwoman now for me this does not sit well as whilst in part it is a compliment, I feel it also comes with a lot of pressure and expectations. Juggling life for any working Mum is hard and whilst I appreciated the sentiment some days having a few minutes to breathe is what keeps me sane. My life in the last year has changed immensely and I am so proud of what I have achieved and the difference I have made to my client’s well-being but a few weeks ago I cracked and it hit me that something had to give – I cannot do it all.

I feel in part I am my own worst enemy and critic, I aspire to be the best I can be and have a zest for life to share my passions and skills but what I hadn’t realised is how much I had overcommitted myself and sadly I have had to step back from some of my volunteer work to give myself some space. For me this has not been an easy decision and the guilt I have felt over letting others down has been tough but since making the decision and the understanding of those around me and who it impacts on has been overwhelming and it made me realise that it is ok to say no, it is ok to step back and say I need to be with my family.

Part of the reason I have struggled these last few weeks is that due to overcommitting I have not allowed myself any self-care time and it just highlights how important it is. I strive to inspire my clients to make time for themselves and that we should not feel guilty for allowing ourselves space and time to breathe – I was putting everyone else first, my clients, my work, my family and forgetting about myself and sadly I have learnt the hard way. It has been coupled with sleep regression from my baby boy which for any Mum out there will know how hard this phase can be!

So, I guess I have learnt a great deal about myself in the last few weeks, I have exciting plans for the future and have blocked out my self-care time now to ensure I have my space to re-charge and breathe. I am only human, I do not have super powers and I genuinely love what I do but with anything in life it is all about balance – so take care of yourself and make sure you make time for you.

B x